As always, we are committed to providing a safe and effective educational environment for our students and staff. Last year with God’s help we met the challenges presented by the Covid 19 pandemic. We trust that the worst of the pandemic is behind us; however, we will maintain reasonable precautions for the health and safety of everyone on our campus.

The following policies will be in effect for the 2021/2022 school year:

Masks: VCS will not require masks this school year. The wearing of masks is optional for all students, staff, and visitors to the VCS campus. You may choose to have your child wear a mask at your discretion. If that is your desire, please inform the school office. Personal choices regarding masks will be respected. Bullying or making fun of someone for wearing or not wearing a mask will not be tolerated.

VCS will not provide masks.

Health Screening: Every morning students will be screened for any visible flu like symptoms. Teachers will take the temperature of each student at the beginning of the day and observe the student for any visible signs of illness. We ask that parents use discretion and keep your child home if they exhibit any symptoms of illness. If a child exhibits any symptoms of illness they will be immediately quarantined from other students. The parents will be called and asked to come and take the child home.

We ask that parents consider activities that may pose a greater risk of exposure to Covid, such as extended travel. If you believe you or your children may have been exposed to Covid you may choose to make temporary use of the virtual learning tools. A voluntary quarantine of 3 to 5 days would be an appropriate precaution if you believe there has been a high risk of exposure.

Examples of elevated risk: A visit to a theme park like Disney or Dollywood, air travel to a location that has a high rate of infection like New York City, etc.

We also ask that parents inform the school of any known exposure to Covid 19 or any of its variants immediately upon learning of the exposure.

We will continue to maintain a high level of sanitation and daily use of disinfectants.

This policy is subject to change. Any changes will be communicated in writing.

Thank you for your continued cooperation in this matter.


Doug Lay